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What is That Belongs in A Museum?

Have you ever had an object that is so personal to you, or has such an interesting story behind it, that you wished it could be displayed for others to enjoy and learn from? Well, then That Belongs In a Museum is an event for you. Based on the idea that museums should catalogue human life through objects: from the grandest artifacts, to the everyday chotchkies and talismans of human experience, That Belongs in a Museum gives you the opportunity to bring along a cherished object, tell us why it's important, and have it catalogued online for others to see. Join us for one of our events.

What should I bring?

Bring a thing with you. It should be able to fit through the door and it should probably fit on the stage. It could be imaginary but we suspect that might just be weird. Presenters are chosen at random. There is a chance that you won’t get chosen. You will probably get chosen.

How does it work?

When you arrive, we will have a number of museum tags, if you want to present you simply fill out a tag with your name and a description of your object. We take the tags and put them in a hat, we pick them at random and then it's your objects time-to-shine. You have five minutes to talk. You can talk for less than than five minutes. In fact, we strongly urge you to talk for less than five minutes. After that people will clap, we will take your object and photograph it and put it online in our collection along with the recording of your talk.

What should I say?

What you brought, even if it is obvious.

Why you think it is neat.

What kind of museum does this belong in? Even if you had to make it up.

We’ll take a picture of your thing and put it on this website so you can send a link to your mom.


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Muchmore Bar : April 2th 2016 7-9pm

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Next Event

Muchmore Bar : Feb 7th 2016 7-9pm

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Collections of objects from past events

First Collection

Check back on Feb 7th

Chicago's Collections

Collections from the original event in Chicago

Our Amazing Team

The people who manage to somehow make this happen.

Stuart Lynn

Curator of bad decisions

Aurelia Moser

Conservator of shiny objects

Tiana Tucker

Imaginary curator

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